Announcing CURRANT™ 3D and Financing Round

Announcing CURRANT™ 3D and Financing Round

September 23, 2021- Los Angeles, CA., -- Culinary Printworks, leader in design, printing, and distribution of 3D printed food, today announces a name change and rebrand to CURRANT 3D, and the initiation of a financing round on the business crowdfunding platform, Fundable. Since launching in late 2020, Culinary Printworks has established itself as the world’s first high-volume, commercial 3D printed food supplier, delivering to consumers, retail and hospitality sites, and private events around the US. 

Building on this formidable on-demand manufacturing framework, CURRANT 3D is poised to create an extensive cloud database of 3D food content and workflows that will allow publishing of licensable digital food solutions to growing new audiences. 

“In order to clearly represent and align our company’s focus on the emerging digital food publishing space, Culinary Printworks is today announcing our rebrand to CURRANT 3D,” says CEO Kyle von Hasseln. “As CURRANT 3D, we will continue to be the leader in 3D printed food design, manufacturing, and distribution, but will now also prioritize our digital publishing endeavors.” 

Culinary Printworks (now CURRANT 3D) designs and prints foods in dozens of ingredients on a platform that is virtually unlimited-- fruits, vegetables, plant proteins, grains, liquids, and spices are all possible. This platform, based on dehydrated food printing invented by von Hasseln, is the only food-safe, high-speed, 3D food printer capable of large scale production. CURRANT 3D has already built a formidable library of 3D food content and workflows that they use to produce thousands of printed products in their commercial kitchen located in Los Angeles.

“We’re pleased to be able to consolidate our manufacturing and digital publishing endeavors into a single, clear, brand,” says CEO Kyle von Hasseln. “CURRANT is equally evocative of our twin culinary and tech pillars because it is literally an edible berry, and figuratively, it sounds current.”

The rebranding was completed in conjunction with launching the company’s fundraising round.  Culinary Printworks previously raised $1.45 million in start-up capital, and CURRANT 3D is now seeking incremental financing to invest in 3D printing hardware, kitchen expansion, and sustainable, 3D printable, lentil-based plant protein powders. Interested Accredited Investors can review the company materials at Fundable.

Current operations will remain uninterrupted, and the company’s e-commerce Sugar Lab brand will remain its direct-to-consumer platform.

“Our retail and professional brands will remain unchanged,” says Meagan Bozeman, COO. “Sugar Lab and Sugar Lab PRO have amassed a large cohort of repeat customers because the products and services are really resonating with our audience, as are the brands.”

Sugar Lab has a library of incredible 3D printed candy, chocolates, and drink garnishes and is the only e-commerce experience that is delivering 3D printed food around the US. Sugar Lab PRO is the first full-service, 3D food printing experience that allows customers to quickly and affordably personalize and brand their food experiences. By streamlining 3D design and 3D printing capabilities, Sugar Lab PRO empowers customers to create precise, beautiful, and delicious 3D printed food designs at any scale. You can check out the Sugar Lab PRO team in action here.




Sugar Lab is the world’s first true digital bakery, run by a small team of rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech geeks. Based in East Los Angeles, the company specializes in 3D printed food, ranging from signature chocolate bonbons and candies, to drink garnishes and savory foods. Follow Sugar Lab on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.