Sugar Lab Announces 3D Printed Koreatown Collection in Collaboration with GYOPO

Sugar Lab Announces 3D Printed Koreatown Collection in Collaboration with GYOPO

LOS ANGELES, Calif., August 4, 2021 -- Sugar Lab announces the release of their K-Town Collection, an eclectic arrangement of 3D printed sweet and savory delectables inspired by traditional Korean cuisine and contemporary pop culture.

The K-Town Collection presents a variety of novel 3D printed foods to be enjoyed with Korean entrees, desserts, and drinks. Those wanting to spice up a ramen dish will discover an adorable miniature squid that carries a powerful kimchi-bouillon punch. Colorful, stylized hangwa (Korean confections) featuring flavors of yuzu, redbean and banana milk pair wonderfully with teas and other beverages. Fruit-flavored bingsu toppers make a playful splash on top of shaved ice, sorbet, or ice cream. Sugar Lab also designed two custom Korean cocktails: add a Yakult-inspired sugar cube straight into your favorite bottle of soju, or add the bold Hangul ginger garnish to Sugar Lab’s Seoul Mule.

“Generations of artists, thinkers, and cultural producers were shaped by Koreatown, and they now shape greater Los Angeles, and the country. That’s why we knew it was important to highlight and celebrate Korean American food and art in this collection” says Kyle von Hasseln, CEO and co-founder.

Sugar Lab has pledged 5% of K-Town Collection sales to the non-profit organization, GYOPO, in support of its mission. Since 2017, GYOPO has highlighted the work of diasporic Koreans who, through the arts, grapple with some of the most pressing issues of our time. Last year, GYOPO produced programming with cultural figures including Cathy Park Hong, Ava DuVernay, and Dolores Huerta that examined the racial inequities that contributed to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BIPOC communities and the surge of violence against AAPI people.

“GYOPO’s headquarters is Koreatown, in the heart of the City of Los Angeles, where the largest diasporic Korean community in the U.S. lives. Through our work, we aim to broaden and complicate public understandings of our culture. We want to ensure that the ever-evolving narrative surrounding the Diasporic Korean experience includes critical discourses on art, immigration, disability, communal care, and justice. Supporting the research and practices of local food artisans who are expanding Korean food traditions is another element of this discourse. We are excited for this collaboration with Sugar Lab in honoring the special Korean dishes that give us sustenance and that are always on the table at the 파티 (party)!”

Culinarians and prosumers inspired by the KTown Collection may find Sugar Lab’s professional service, Sugar Lab PRO, a compelling solution to quickly and affordably design 3D printed food experiences. By streamlining 3D design and 3D printing capabilities, Sugar Lab PRO empowers customers to create precise, beautiful, and delicious 3D printed food designs at any scale.

Available now as a full service feature on, the PRO feature is currently operating in the US. View the Sugar Lab PRO team in action here.




Sugar Lab is the world’s first true digital bakery, run by a small team of rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech geeks. Based in East Los Angeles, the company specializes in 3D printed food, ranging from signature chocolate bonbons and candies, to drink garnishes and savory foods. Follow Sugar Lab on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.