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Make A Moment.

The Sugar Lab is celebrating our re-launch by releasing our favorite 3D printed confections for a limited time. The team is back together and finally up and running in Los Angeles. Follow our journey as we open the first-ever digital bakery.  Learn More

Autumn Pastry Shells.

Hints of nutmeg and cinnamon compliment these bold autumnal patterns.

Floral Candy Skulls.

Ornate floral skulls in watermelon lemonade. New!

Pumpkin Spice Drink Garnish.

Reimagine your drinks with these autumn pastels.

Latest and Greatest.

Holiday Gifts

Send an unforgettable gift this holiday season.

Pumpkin Spice
Drink Garnish

Beyond basics. Warm up with pumpkin spice.

Floral Candy Skulls

Timeless Sugar Calavera. A beautiful spin on tradition.

When we blog.

November 10, 2020

Sugar Lab Pastry Chef, Melissa Walnock, has been experimenting with our 3D printed pastry shells and her research has been blowing minds at the Lab! Her creative vision and technical expertise are taking sugar prints to a whole new level! Check out Melissa’s work on Instagram.



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