Sugar Lab Launches New Customization Feature, Sugar Lab PRO

Sugar Lab Launches New Customization Feature, Sugar Lab PRO

Sugar Lab announces the launch of Sugar Lab PRO, the first full-service 3D food printing experience that allows customers to quickly and affordably personalize and brand their food experiences. By streamlining 3D design and 3D printing capabilities, Sugar Lab PRO empowers customers to create precise, beautiful, and delicious 3D printed food designs at any scale.
“Our goal is to make 3D food printing simple, accessible, and scalable,” says Kyle von Hasseln, CEO. “Sugar Lab PRO enables access to 3D printed food by removing the complexity of design and production, which we specialize in.”

Sugar Lab PRO offers a range of products that can be personalized for any occasion, but is especially well-suited for weddings, events, corporate gifting, and restaurants.

Launching alongside the resurgence of live events and weddings, Sugar Lab PRO enables event planners--or brides/grooms themselves--to browse a catalogue of stylish designs including place settings, favors, cocktail garnishes, and small desserts. Each of these 3D prints can be stylized with text, colors, images, and themes. Residents in the Southern California area can also request a range of incredible large cake decorations that are delivered locally.

Meagan Bozeman, COO, says, “Consumers are searching for less wasteful, more natural products to detail their events. Our 3D printing system relies on dehydrated food, which delivers food experiences beyond the conventional for both personalization and sustainability.”

The Sugar Lab PRO feature is also used by fine dining, bar and beverage, resort, hotel, and health and wellness clients to bring custom products to market. Case in point is Partage Chef Yuri Szarzewski's 3D printed beets, stuffed with goat cheese and caramelized onions, served with toasted pecans.

Available now as a full service feature on, the PRO feature is currently operating in the US. View the Sugar Lab PRO team in action here.




Sugar Lab is the world’s first true digital bakery, run by a small team of rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech geeks. Based in East Los Angeles, the company specializes in 3D printed food, ranging from signature chocolate bonbons and candies, to drink garnishes and savory foods. Follow Sugar Lab on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.