Sugar Lab 3D Prints Craft Beer Chocolate Bonbons

Sugar Lab 3D Prints Craft Beer Chocolate Bonbons

LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 27, 2021 -- Sugar Lab announces the release of their new craft beer chocolate bonbons, inspired by microbrew flavors and designs. Sugar Lab chefs and designers have developed a series of rich chocolate ganaches made from popular artisanal beers, and stuffed them into colorful, realistic-looking 3D printed sugar beer cans.

“With 3D printing technology, we’re able to create almost anything,” explains Kyle von Hasseln, CEO and co-founder. “So we asked the question ‘what can we create that is visually engaging, cannot be easily created any other way, and is intrinsically tied to the ingredients inside?’”

Sugar Lab’s chefs and designers quickly landed on craft beer, drawn by the complex flavor profiles and bold graphics that are characteristic of microbreweries; and chocolate, as an addition to Sugar Lab’s popular truffle and bonbon product line.

Looking to deliver a brewpub level of variety, the chefs developed a flight of chocolates ranging from light to dark. The products can be purchased as a variety pack or as individual six-packs, in three flavors: White Chocolate Caramel Ganache with Cucumber Cream Ale, Milk Chocolate Ganache with Hazy IPA, and Dark Chocolate Ganache with Mexican Chocolate Stout.

While the current cans reflect the beer ganaches inside, customers can request their own custom graphics for orders of 100 bonbons or more through Sugar Lab PRO. For custom orders, clients may also select from any ganaches currently available at Sugar Lab, or choose plain dark, milk, or white chocolate ganaches.

“3D printing makes it easy to change our products very quickly,” says William Hu, Sr. Applications Manager. “These craft beer bonbons are perfect for event planners, breweries, restaurants, or any businesses who want to uniquely deliver their brand in a delicious and memorable way. Our designers can turn these projects around very quickly since there are no molds or tooling required with 3D printing.”

Available now as a full service feature on, the PRO feature is currently operating in the US. View the Sugar Lab PRO team in action here.




Sugar Lab is the world’s first true digital bakery, run by a small team of rogue chefs, architects-turned-designers, and tech geeks. Based in East Los Angeles, the company specializes in 3D printed food, ranging from signature chocolate bonbons and candies, to drink garnishes and savory foods. Follow Sugar Lab on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.