Seasonal Finale with Chef Melissa Walnock

Seasonal Finale with Chef Melissa Walnock

Last week we tipped off readers that Sugar Lab has been collaborating with Pastry Chef Melissa Walnock. This week we wanted to take you deeper into the amazing R&D she is running with our 3D printed pastry shells.

Melissa showed that it is possible for home chefs to bake in our pastry shells for a vivid holiday treat, but is also proving that a skilled pastry artist can leverage these beautiful 3D prints to incredible effect in even the most upscale professional setting as well.

3D Printed Pastry Fall Dessert Apple Fig


"There are so many flavors of fall that truly make people happy, whether it be through a memory of childhood or just an anticipation for the season." - Melissa Walnock.

Dessert Description: Melissa's ambition was to arrange all of the flavors that happen throughout the whole magical fall season onto a single plate.

  • The first vessel on the left represents late summer/beginning of fall, it contains a honey fig cake topped with a red verjus gel.
  • The center vessel embraces the height of apple season! This vessel is filled with a caramelized honey mousse with honey roasted apples and a brown sugar crisp on top.
  • The third vessel brings us closer to the holidays with a sweet potato custard and toasted meringue, bringing back the memory of a sweet potato pie.
  • To garnish, a whipped caramel ties all of the flavors together while also letting them stand on their own. A cranberry gel adds a hint of acidity and the brown sugar streusel is like a toasty pie topping with a bit of crunch to finish.

Check back next week and we'll review some of Melissa's other futuristic and delicious 3D printed desserts.