Guest Profile: Ms Robot

Guest Profile: Ms Robot

OK this week we want to give you guys a tour behind the scenes to show you how we shoot product photos and video. Of course, since we’re a bakery that 3D prints we’re not content with a simple photobooth.

That’s why we turn to the experts (and our neighbors!) at Ms Robot. If you check out their rad website you’ll get an idea for the magical, immersive imagery they create. Dan Fischer, the co-founder has been documenting our Sugar Lab world for a while now and when he showed us his shiny new six-axis robot we realized straight away our overlapping 3D technologies were going to produce some unreal images.

[William iPhone video]

Behind the scenes footage.

[Early test images]

These are some rough-draft images from our first test run, just to get our bearings. We weren't optimizing lighting or focus yet, just exploring the terrain and planning. 

At the end of the day, we know that you guys are drawn to Sugar Lab for our gravity-defying shapes and bold color play so it feels like you deserve a tour of the products before you buy them that really suits the radical designs so you can see every sharp corner and swooping surface.