Wait, so all this cool stuff is 3D printed?

Yes. 3D printing makes all these complex shapes and color patterns possible.

Ok, but if it's 3D printed then can you really eat it?

Yes. Everything is made in our bakery in Los Angeles. It's delicious. It's designed in partnership between our chefs and 3D modelers, 3D printed in our bakery, and shipped to you to eat and enjoy.

So, like, these are 3D prints that you can eat?

Yup, you get it now.

What is the recipe for your 3D food?

The three main ingredients that allows us to create gravity-defying shapes are water, sugar and vegetable starch (maltodextrin). We add water very precisely to the dry ingredients to create what's basically a super-fondant.

How are the flavored 3D foods made?

Dehydrated food powders.

Ok but what are the exact ingredients?

There's not a single recipe because almost every print has a unique recipe, but you can look up each one right here [link].



Vegan? Kosher? Halal?


These are cool but I wanted to order 100+ parts -- is there a discount?

Sure. For large orders you can talk to us directly at hello@the-sugar-lab.com.

If I have a custom design can you 3D print that?

Chefs, caterers, and marketing directors regularly work with us at Culinary Printworks to make custom designs for special events.